Residential Cleaning

Leave Your Chores to Our Whole-Home Cleaning Company in Grand Prairie, TX

Toss Out Your Lengthy To-Do List


With your busy schedule, it’s easy to push chores to the back burner. That’s why the pros at Family Cleaning And Service provide whole-home cleaning services in Grand Prairie, TX and surrounding areas.

When you schedule general cleaning services, we’ll tidy up your:

  • Kitchen – clean and sanitize all countertops, sinks and faucets | wipe down the outsides of all appliances | clean inside the microwave | wipe off tables and chairs | dust baseboards | clean floors
  • Bathrooms – clean and sanitize counters, sinks, showers, tubs and toilets | make mirrors and chrome fixtures shine | vacuum and sanitize floors | dust reachable light fixtures | spot-clean cabinets
  • Living spaces – vacuum floors | remove cobwebs | spot-clean light switch plates | tidy up rooms | dust reachable ceiling fans | empty trash cans

We’ll also dust window blinds, remove cobwebs and clean sliding glass doors.

To schedule affordable whole-home cleaning services, contact us today.


Depend on the Family Cleaning And Service crew to deep clean your home

Depend on the Family Cleaning And Service crew to deep clean your home


Maybe you’re in the middle of spring cleaning. Or maybe you want your home to be spotless before your in-laws come to town. Either way, we’re here to help. If a general cleaning won’t cut it, schedule deep cleaning services.

We’ll clean your:

  • Living Spaces – change linens and make beds | clean fireplaces, bookshelves, and ceiling fans | vacuum furniture and underneath rugs | wipe down baseboards | polish woodwork | sweep the porch and garage floor
  • Kitchen – clean inside the freezer and under the stovetop | clean the exhaust fan and hood | wash out the wastebasket
  • Bathrooms – clean inside empty cabinets and drawers | wipe down woodwork

Count on us to also clean additional sliding glass doors, wipe down walls and wash window interiors.

Call 214-716-8007 now to schedule deep cleaning services.